H-Tea-O Tea Salons are everything we love about tea: relaxing, refreshing and ever-so delicious. If that is what you want in a tea shop and you think this could be a business opportunity, then an H-Tea-O franchise is what you should be considering.

Everyone in Asia drinks tea, it’s part of our culture and heritage. There are some extraordinary teas out there, yet most of the tea available in Asia is poor quality and not much more than flavoured hot water. Even so, there is a thirst for premium tea served in modern and sophisticated environment.
Premium tea shops are already enjoying explosive growth in Europe and North America and inevitably this is now developing in Asia as well. Tea salons are rapidly growing as consumers explore healthy choices and a world of amazing teas previously hidden from them. In many ways this is similar to the early days of the boom in coffee houses. So this is an ideal time to startup in the tea business.

H-Tea-O is a distinctive and unique brand characterised by fresh vibrant colours, and a modern twist on traditional tea service. For H-Tea-O, the brand isn’t simply the name. It encompasses the unique tea selection, the store design, the Tea-To-Go™ concept, the uniforms, and the tea menu. H-Tea-O is also ethically sound and environmentally friendly, appealing to this growing market segment.H-Tea-O isn’t bubble tea, it isn’t a quaint Victorian tea shop, it isn’t a coffee shop pretending to be a tea shop. Our customers want tea presented in a modern fresh way that is relevant to their busy lifestyle – and that is H-Tea-O.

For a franchise to be successful you need a tried and tested concept that is hard to duplicate – after all anybody can set up a tea house. There are many things that are unique and proprietary to H-Tea-O, such as:

- the teas, that are blended in our special facility in Hong Kong
- the method we use to brew the tea with specialised equipment
- the Tea-To-Go™ concept with the special take-away mug and brewing method
- the Tea Latte formulations
- the MyTea™ personalised tea concept
- the Tea Salon design

H-Tea-O - hard to duplicate, unique and memorable.

An H-Tea-O franchise can provide you with the tools to build your own successful business, backed by experienced professionals. We provide a successful template, lots of advice, a custom training program and several store formats to suit your location and local demographic.


We want people that are enthusiastic about this project and are prepared to make the necessary commitment in time and money to grow a successful business. You don’t need to be a tea expert (we will teach you all about tea) but you do need to be a tea drinker. What is essential is the right attitude, great people skills and an obsessive attention to delivering great service.

If you want this, then contact us by one of the methods given below. We will then send you the detailed franchise pack and an inquiry form so we can take you to the next level.

Contact: Tony
Phone: +852 2858 8973